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Humanitarian photography is my passion. It allows me to combine my background in human rights with my love for the way photography can breathe life into stories. From working with Amnesty International to show the strength and resilience of Sri Lankan refugees who are still waiting for answers to documenting the incredible work of a young woman working to save Kaimanawa horses one by one, I show the people and places behind the text.

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“It was an absolute blast having Rachel as the photographer for our project! She made everybody feel comfortable in front of the camera, which is not an easy task! She was very professional, easy to work with and incredibly patient. Shakti used her beautiful and powerful images in a booklet about family and domestic violence in ethnic communities. I highly recommend her and I would definitely like to work with her on our next projects!”

Sara, Coordinator - Shakti Legal Advocacy and Family Social Services Inc, 2014

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Rachel for her amazing work photographing my animals on the farm. We had a blast zooming around through the mud on the quad bike to get the perfect shots. As part of my Wild Horse Project, I used her images for publication in two magazines and was very happy with the results, and all her work. Can’t wait for the next photo shoot!”

Chloe, Owner – Wild Horse Project, 2012