Hong Kong: High rises and pig ears

Hong Kong: High rises and pig ears

To be honest, as a country girl, I didn’t expect to like Hong Kong, putting it in the “Singapore, Dubai and other concrete jungles” basket. Three days (and about twenty kilograms) later, I was a fan. I put it down the mountains in every direction, the sea, the markets, the food, and most importantly, one awesome human.

There is something very special about being met off the aeroplane in a new country. No matter how foreign the place may feel or how little of the language you can understand, once you catch a glimpse of that familiar face in the crowd, it’s not a foreign place anymore. So, it was with great excitement that I pushed my laden trolley out the doors of the airport and heard a loud “Rach!”. Straight away I forgot that I was about to start a rather crazy trip and instead found myself enjoying three days of laughter, eating and exploring Hong Kong.

First there was the food.

Some of it was new to me, like pig ear…


Goose intestine…


Thousand year old eggs…


And an array of internal organs… (later that day I asked Ferorsa what something was, “Oh, that’s like an internal organ kebab.” Hm, of course!)


Others were recognisable and delicious.

Like rice noodle roll drowned in amazing sauce,


Spicy (as in eye-watering, nose-running spicy) Sichuan noodle soup.



Hong Kong has a great vibe. It’s very alive.

Perhaps it is the mix of high-rises,


Glitzy malls,


Old streets,







Of course, the place could actually be a hole and I just have a completely biased opinion, given that I got to spend the weekend there with this wonderful woman:



Hong Kong – thanks for being an awesome place to kick off the adventure. Mainland China, here I come!


    Brita Marti

    What a fun start. Hope food continues to be a highlight! Xxx - posted on May 18, 2014


    you make me laugh Rachel, you always have, please don't stop what you are doing! hugs and love from your Liddi's.x - posted on May 16, 2014

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