Cycling trip


In May 2014 I’m heading off to start an Asia to Europe cycling adventure. I’ll be kicking off the trip in Hong Kong, before heading to mainland China and cycling through the south, southwest and western provinces.

Want to follow my trip visually through photos of the people I meet and places I see? Keen to hear about how lost I get or what weird food I eat by mistake? You can join me on my adventure via my blog. I’d love to have you come along!



The standard conversation goes like this.

“That sounds interesting! So, what tour are you going with?”

“I’m actually not going with a tour.”

“Oh, so just with some friends then?”

“Um no, it’s just me.”

“Oh…”     *long silence*

However, I feel like it is generally difficult to be completely alone. Travel, particularly solo travel, always forces you to make conversations with strangers, whether it’s in English, broken Mandarin or Russian or just good old gestures. I’m also planning to use CouchSurfing  and WarmShowers and catch up with some friends along the way.

Besides, how could I be lonely when I have Rafiki, my trusty steed. Here he is posing in Piha, New Zealand:




Check out my route here.