A little detour

A little detour

Since leaving China I’ve sat with my cat and a bad cold by the fire at home in Paihia, been reminded of what a New Zealand winter feels like (urgh!), caught up with friends (usually over some kind of chocolate item), flown to Vanuatu, been ziplining over an 80 metre canyon (definitely some peer pressure involved there), snorkeled among florescent blue fish and seen my beautiful big sister get married to a wonderful man.

I have also, just when I’d stopped looking, been offered a job. A pretty awesome job in fact, a short term contract with an organisation that I’ve dreamed of working for for quite some time.

So, like all of my plans, the cycling one is being modified. I’ve decided to think of the China leg as a warm up for the big journey to come.

Anyway, there’s nothing like a little 3 month detour to Wellington in between the Tibetan Plateau and Kazakhstan, right?



    Kayleen Zalazar

    Thanks for sharing! http://www.trackbanger.com - posted on December 12, 2014


    Hi Pam! China certainly was amazing! I can highly recommend it and can't wait to go back to explore it further. France looks beautiful too, and very cycle friendly from what I gather? Happy cycling! - posted on December 6, 2014

    Pam Rumball

    Great to find you on WOW. I love to bike too, France is my favourite place so far. But China looks amazing. I hope to follow your adventures. Cheers Pam - posted on November 25, 2014


    Thanks Karim - very glad you enjoyed the blog. Yeah, I was very surprised about the tyre problems. I actually asked for a replacement, given that it was less than a month old, but no success unfortunately. Your trip sounds like a great one. I can't wait to cycle that part of the world. - posted on September 23, 2014


    Very interesting blog.(stumbled on it on cgob).I have a question. How on earth do you get 4 punctures in a day? I read you went for the shwalbe mondial so that's why im asking. Cheers PS. I cycled some of the same route as you plan, up to Edinburgh from Tehran(my route went to Italy and round Sicily)in 2007 and i can tell you that you will love this route.feel free to contact me with any questions and i will gladly answer have the longest of discussions on this topic(cycle touring)Happy travelling and fun :) - posted on August 10, 2014


    right) - posted on July 28, 2014

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